Thursday, April 3, 2014

C for Clock talks

 Silly Girl, there she closes her eyes again. Poor alarm. How many times does he have to ring?. Can't she see me well and proper? I do wish she got up a bit early. I hate it when she looks at me with worry. When she gets late, she looks at me with such an expression, you would think I am the one running deliberately fast. How can I stop?
I don't stop.
I go in the exact speed that I am supposed to go.
She has kept me 5 minutes fast. 
I hate that; I hate that; I hate that.
Why make me show the wrong time?
Of course I do what she wants but how does it make sense? Doesn't her mind know that she has kept me five minutes fast. Who is she trying to fool????

Sometimes she looks at me as if I am deliberatly slow. Dearest, I know you want your hubby to come soon. I know your hubby comes at 6:10.... but sweet heart, again I don't go fast or slow. Don't look at me with such exasperation.

Goodness it's 7:15...Wake up Wake up....where is that Alarm?
There she is snoozing him again....
Oh she is looking at me...
OH oh... her face registers a shock...
Thank GOD...She is jumping up.... 

Oh Rahmath, when will you ever learn???


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