Saturday, April 5, 2014

E for Education

What's true education?

Today we had to go out for something and entered a road where the traffic was very slow moving. We had to go to the right side and my husband signaled to the guy to not come forward so that he could take  a right turn. Vehicles were queuing behind us too. The lane was not fast moving and all he had to do was stop for say, 5 seconds. Was that guy educated? yes. Did he stop? No. Then there was another car and my husband signaled once again. Did that guy see? Yes? Did he stop? No. The funny thing is they had no where to go. That lane was that slow moving.  Was he educated?
He looked educated.

Ultimately the third vehicle stopped. It was driven by a lady and she looked of a different nationality. 
I thanked her. She pretended she didn't see me. I think she didn't know how to react as for her,she had done nothing out of the normal. I felt she was embarrassed. Sometimes I feel 90% of the traffic jams here are caused because of senselessness. 
Isn't it unfortunate?

What are our schools teaching us?

Have we forgotten what education means?

Does education mean just having a degree and learning to do something which makes money. Or does it mean to teach people the basic values of life which will help us grow as a society?

Disclaimer: There are truly educated people too. Have met them though the percentage is very less. My husband is one of them. And it's unfortunate that I am proud of that. It should be something that should be taken for granted.


  1. It's nice to follow and connect

  2. Education in India especially has hardly done its job. It has not taught people to think.

    1. I agree, I somehow feel it's becoming worse. Then I come online and connect to bloggers like you and then feel a bit of relief :). Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. You have raised a valid question Rahmath. Some things cannot be taught, unfortunately morals and ethical behavior no longer feature in the education that empowers a child making it world-ready. In fact these days, if you follow the rules, you will look like a fool and be ridiculed saying you are unfit for the world.

    1. Oh.... I hear you Reshma. How many times have we seen people taking advantage of the ones who follow the rules.

  4. Sadly I have to agree, I think we have become a very selfish society where too many people just consider their own needs and not the needs of others/
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

    1. I hope it changes. Hopefully,
      "Little drops of water make the mighty ocean thing" happens :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment :)

  5. Education should teach about values, not just skills for acquiring jobs.

  6. Rahmath,
    I have always loved your blog. Just now I got a chance to tell this :)
    I agree with the 'how to think' part in the education system in India. Have you noticed something - blogging helps you to think right? It helps us ask the right questions. That's what education is all about. When you ask the right questions, you get the answers. You're so much at peace then and you'll never be the same person again. :)
    How many schools or households in India encourage children to ASK questions? If the elders/teachers don't have an answer to a child's intelligent question, they discourage the child by turning him/her down telling its a disrespect or rude to ask questions to the elders. Sometimes, the child gets scolded or even beaten up. I'm sure many of us are victims of that. Instead, how many parents/teachers/elders tell the kid politely they don't know the answer and guide the child to a reliable source such as books.
    I guess, we need to unlearn and relearn so many things that society and elders taught us and redefine every single thing from scratch, as though like a new born child who just came to this world with a clean slate.
    Quoting Mark Twain here - "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education".

    1. Thankyou Soumya and I am so sorry for the extremely late reply.

      Blogging does help me think, organize my thoughts to be exact :)

      I do agree with you hat we were not encouraged to ask questions. Sometimes I think that's why many of us Indians suffer from confidence issues. Once My seniors said, we are very strong in technical knowledge but we are very afraid to show it out. We never speak up.
      Training from childhood.alle?
      But I see that in our generation it is changing. Children are encouraged to ask questions. Hopefully, situation s becoming better.

      Loved the quote:) I must frame and keep it in my house lest I forget it when Aman grows up.


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