Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random Thoughts

The time is 8:01 right now. We went out to the market but then remembered that the cook might come anytime now, so I returned home with the mangoes that we had bought. I am not going to blog, if I wait for a topic. So I decided today that I will just write randomly about anything that comes to my mind for 15 mintues.

Hubby came back for the baby carrier. Had to go and open the door for him. A bit of chit chat and the time is 8:06. I wish the break had not come. I was in a flow. I cannot write when Aman is at home. His dad is singing him to sleep right now. I wonder if he will. He seems to survive with very little sleep. He is too excited most of the times.

We removed his first hair today. He cried, but the barber was a good one. Young but gentle. I don't know why we were worried so much. It easier to give him a hair cut than to nebulize him. It positively breaks our heart everytime we have to nebulize him. Somethings are so overrated. The way people talked, I thought his first hair cut would be a big thing.

It's been a while now, I am beginning to feel as if we don't belong here. Our principles don't match with the majority of the people here. Somewhere in our mind I have started wondering, maybe we should ....maybe the western country is the place for us. But there is no motivation to try abroad. People ask. Why not go here? Why not try there? We are happy here. I don't want to leave the country but somewhere I feel, it's getting difficult to fit in here.

I want my child to have strict ideas of freedom, of individuality, of respect to others whatever gender, religion or color they may be. I don't want him to be a hypocrite. I am afraid people might teach him nonsense about traditions and cultures as if we are the only ones having it. I am a women in India. Don't talk about culture to me.

We see what we want to see. I love my country but it has its faults. Lets correct ourselves instead of pointing to the exaggerated faults of others. Love if blind, is of no use. I get irritated with the Bharat mahan advertisements which come in the radio. They keep on talking about what happened centuries ago. Talk about what is happening now. You are proud to be an Indian? Don't pee on road sides. Close the open pipes in the side of the road. Respect your heritage. Don't write" Kartick Loves Suman" in every **** building.

It's 8:19


Love Rahmath


  1. Every place has its plus and minus Rahmath, while there is no undue interference in western country, the sense of belonging is missing. Maybe it is a case of brass being greener on the other side, at least that is how I feel sometimes. I miss being in my homeland...

    1. I agree Reshma, but It's just, what pros you want and what cons you are not interested in. Non interference is the last thing in the pros of the western countries. As you said everyplace has it's plus and minuses. As of now , for us the pluses for living here are still on the higher side. Lets see what lies in the future :)


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