Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reminder for first time moms about wearing new clothes for the next

5 years????

Always cut the tags before you wear them for going out. Don't go searching for the scissors after wearing the clothes. Most probably by the time you reach the counter where the scissors are kept, your husband will ask for something, your son might cry, you may be thinking about his milk, food and n other things, you may suddenly remember that there is this thing to be done before leaving for outside.....

You know what will happen then???

You will go to the mall, feeling very happy about your new clothes. You may admire the way you look in every mirror or glass. You may see people smiling and if you are like my husband, you may wonder why they are smiling or if you are like me you may smile happily back, thinking nothing of it except that how wonderful people are to smile at strangers. And then suddenly when you are finalizing something in a shop, your husband may suddenly see the some 3 tags hanging outside your tunic and come and tuck it inside. and you may go like..."Oh My Goodness". After 5 min, you may realize that it no big deal but for that 5 minutes you will be like..."oooooooooooooooh, so thats why that lady was smiling....."

Why go through all this???. One time is enough no?

Next time.... cut cut.... before wear wear. OK?


  1. Very important reminder Rahmath, I generally remove all tags when I'm taking out the new clothes from the shopping bags. But this was only stepping out tagged while in college :P

    1. I should be doing that too. I was actually thinking of returning one more shirt that I bought and so didnot want to remove them after i tried that one once again.Anyhow learned my lesson quite well.


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