Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 15th.

My love My sweetheart,

You turn one tomorrow (InshaAllah). You were born at 10:10am. I remember how your Naini Ammooma had joyously cried out...."it's a boy". I was hazed and consciousness came and went. "What is that yellow, is it the mela...(something)?" she had asked."Is everything ok. I asked. Are you healthy? thats all I wanted to know....I asked more than once.

"Look this side" the doctor called out. The nurse was holding you . Black hair plastered, eyes closed. legs folded up, hands on your ears. Sweetheart you were beautiful. How big you are!!!! I wondered.

Then your ammooma took you away to show you to everyone waiting outside.

When conciousness came I was wheeled to the ICU. It was hot and I had begin to sweat. Then they bought you in. and snuggled you into the crook of my arm. I had such a feeling of comfort. Only your face and hands were visible. You were sleeping peacefully.

I thought I loved your feet when I saw you through the ultrasound but when I saw you hands I realised they too stole my heart. Long fingers and long fingernails. Sweetheart everything about you was perfect.

"Shahrukh's blood group has come , AB+ve, a nurse commented to the other nurses beyond my bed." They were talking about you my son. I smiled. Born diplomat were you? Neither chose the A+ve of your father nor the B+ve of your mother.... You chose us both. Thankyou.

Naini Ammooma was a doctor there and she pulled a bit of favor and bought your achan to see us both. Anxious he was, he came in to see us. The nurse took you to hand you over to your Naini ammooma, I wanted your achan to hold you first.Naini amooma intuitively knew that too. She looked at your achan. I wondered , How would achan react? Will he be afraid to carry you like many men? Would he refuse?. But no. He took you and held you as if he was born for that. Sweetheart you both looked so good together.You still do. I felt as if your bond was sealed at that moment.

Soon they came to wheel me to my room. They took you from me and I craned my head to see where you were. "Dont worry" a nurse who carried you, said. "He is coming with you."

Once in the room. you achan came running to me. "Do you know what our son's blood group is?" He asked, fully excited. I did not want to dampen his excitement even a bit so I pretended I did not know. I knew he wanted to tell it to me so much."It's  AB+ve. He chose both our blood groups.....little devil". I smiled again. Your achan and I sometimes have the same thoughts, even the same sentences, it is eerie.

You have given us a lot of happiness Amnu. Thankyou.

This one year has been beautiful.

We love you lots



  1. Time sure flies but such memories remain fresh forever, don't they Rahmath? Hugs and kisses to lil Aman and his mommy as he turns a year wiser :)

    1. Thanks Reshma, sure will convey it to him too :)

  2. Wish a very very happy birthday to him. Post some pictures of the celebration whenever you get a chance

    1. Thanks Aravind. Will pass the message :). I will post the photos. It's not going to be a big celebration of sorts. A dinner for friends that's all. Will send you pics :)


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