Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Talks

Hello there,

How are you?
Are you fine?
Is life going good?
I am ok too.

Too many things happening. Changes taking place. Our mentor left our office for some many reasons. It was a very heartfelt moment. He taught us how a good boss should be. I should write a whole post about him.

I couldn't go to office after he left. Vavoo got a fever. For the first two three days, I was pretty cool. Children do fall sick. but when it didnot subside even after 3 days and started increasing ,then I became worried. Yesterday night was the worst. He was not holding any medicine inside. And suddenly I felt very very sad. I hope yesterday was the worst day. The fever has subsided as of now. We had to give pretty strong medicine. Blood tests results will come today evening. Please pray for him. Please pray that he is OK and that it's just a normal fever.

April was a very happening month for vavoo. He took his first steps. Now that he has learnt how to walk he walks all the time. He goes thathu buthu thathu buthu.... its such a nice feeling. It has become easier now too. He has began communicating more. The defiance streak is increasing well, there is still time to think about that. I am extremely proud of him. Yesterday he had to give blood. He cried only when they caught him( He hates to be held.) After that the person who took the blood thought vavoo will cry if he saw his face. But vavoo didnot. Vavoo knows it's not that person's fault. Sometimes I think vavoo knows so much. Now I cannot wait for him to talk.

Now the problem is which language will he talk?

or Marathi ?????

I think he understands hindi better. For yesterday I said "Amnu?; vellam????

which is water in malayalam. He clamped his mouth shut because he thought it was medicine.
Then I said... "Amnu?; Paani????

Paani is water in hindi and he opened his mouth in a sec.

It was the same with ''come here' also.

He doesnot respond too much to the "Inga vaa" that I say in Tamil. He looks at me and turns away doing whatever he was doing.

But when I say "Idhar Aavo" in Hindi, he squeals and comes running to me.

hmmmm...Maybe it's not defiance after all. The poor kid doesn't understand what I am saying.

Hindi it is then. :)

Hubby has come. Going for now....



  1. He picks it from the day care? Same thing with my cousin's daughter also. They talk 100% proper Iyer Tamil at home. But she picked up 200% proper Ernakulam Malayalam from the daycare.

  2. lol, ya, I guess so. We also talk to our friends here in hindi na? Anyhow are long as he can communicate what he wants it is ok.... languages he can learn later on also

  3. But the first one sticks. That ll be most comfortable and fluent language of speech. Show him lotsog Tamil and malllu movies.

    1. A cliched reply but here goes.... No time Aravind. Anyhow it doesnt matter. The first languages I learnt were Tamil and English. Its all abotu how much you use a language at a certain time.

  4. Hmmm the child picks up the language he hears around him and I guess he is comfortable hearing a lot of Hindi talk most of the time... You have a brave and sensible kid Rahmath, I still crib whenever I visit the doc. I'm sure Vavoo's just having a seasonal fever.

    1. I do have a brave kid :). actually it was a bit more worse than that. He had to be admitted in the hospital s the fever was going high grade. He is better now, we are at home. Still we have to be careful.


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