Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why I married him # 74

This year, I found  a new resolution. A resolution which could be easily incorporated with my on going life. I am not someone who likes change. I prefer doing the tried and trusted methods. I have had the same hairstyle for years. I wear the same kind of clothes. I voluntarily never try new food until someone else orders, I have a bite and like it. I can be extremely predictable except when I am not.

Just when everyone things they have figured me out completely and start taking me for granted, I can suddenly do something which does not coincide with the image they have conjured up in their mind of me. And at that time they get SHOCKED. I actually find it very amusing at times.

This year I thought I will concentrate on my outward appearance a bit more. And then I understood , how much people put me in boxes. A simple things as to buying a dress saw me have to explain or justify my "change". I am not going into the details.

Then I looked at my husband and I saw

1. If I want to buy boots... he say OK. Expression no. 1
2. If I wear slippers......Expression no. 1
3.If I say I want to experiment in food or drink........ .Expression no. 1
4.If I want to wear dresses or shorts.........Expression no. 1
5. If I wear mordern clothes.........Expression no. 1
6.If I wear  traditional clothes........Expression no. 1
7.If I wear make up..........Expression no. 1
8.If I dont wear any makeup or accessaries.......Expression no. 1
9.If  I do anything in character........Expression no. 1
10. If I do anything out of character......Expression no. 1

I feel so free with him. No expectations as far as my personality and personal preferences are concerned. He never comments on what I should do or not do or wear or not wear.  I can get a tattoo tomorrow and he may give an opinion on the tattoo perse but I am sure he will not comment on anything else like why I should or should not do and what I should or should not do or how I should or should not do. And considering the society that we have grown up, where a women's wardrobe choices reflect the "name and honor" of the family and every aspect of a women's life is open for comment and judgment, I think this quality is to be appreciated.

Its not that he does not comment on the choices. We know what looks good on each other and trust each others opinions but no judgement. And I think that's something.

I feel free with him.

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