Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jolly Rockets

Hubby had seen this place in Ambience mall a couple of months ago and wanted to have burgers from there. So one special day we went there.Hubby was hoping he would get to eat the kind of burger he had had during our American trip. It was a well lighted place. The ambiance was very pleasant.You feel instantly happy. I do love such places. Fresco in ambience mall also makes you feel that way.

This is the first thing we saw as we entered the place - A Juke Box. I have never seen one upfront. I mean I have seen in the old Hollywood movies. So I was pretty excited to see one. The waiter was kind enough to show us how to work them. It was interesting but I began to think how outdated it was and then suddenly Irealized- Duh! that's why it's novelty, is it not? :) They had a good collection of old english songs- the Elvis Presly time songs. Again they maintained the atmosphere. I felt as if suddenly we were in a different country.

I had fallen in love with the Ceaser's Salad during the American trip. So I ordered that along with Onion Rings. The onion rings were very crispy but  I think I prefer our onion bajjis more. I loved the huge Red bowls in which they bought the salad. The salad was pretty tasty and filling though next time I must remember to tell them to not put the cheese. Do you like the taste of raw cheese? I??? Not that much.

Hubby had ordered the Number 12 burger. Apparently it is named Number 12 becasue no one rates it less than 12 /10 and hubby says that's true.By the way, their Burgers are huge and juicy!!!! They have an option of either green salad or french fries to go with it. The french fries were really good.  Hubby seemed to enjoy his burger quite a lot. I think he would have loved to have beef but you don't get beef in such chains - being culturally conscious and all that. That one thing is enough to fill your stomach.

I had felt that American proportions of food is pretty big and my thought was justified when we got the milk shake we ordered. We had ordered a strawberry flavored milk shake and they gave the whole thing they made. The glass in the left was full and the steel glass in the right was half full. It was HEAVY but divine. We had ordered cheese cake too for dessert but couldn't get a pic of it. Cheese cake is one of  our favorite desserts which can taste pretty bad if not made well. In fact we almost judge a place from it's cheesecake. And yes, Jolly Rockets passed the test with flying colors.

So that's the saga of the Jolly Rockets trip.
In a nut shell:
  • Loved the ambience
  • Great place for a friends/spouse or any other kind date - anything except a romantic one.
  • Great place to take your kids
  • Good filling proportions.It didnot feel like you shelled a lot of money and still felt hungry.

Now comes the money aspect:
We had two burgers, One Ceaser's salad, One milkshake, One onion Rings, One unlimited softdrink, One piece of cheesecake and the bill came around Rs 2400/- with taxes. whether it is worth or not , you decide.

My Verdict - Good place to go once in a while for a different experience.


  1. Sounds like a place to go once in a life time to see what is all the fuss about and I think its too high for what you ate.. But its a special day after all..

    1. Yup , I did feel it to be a bit on the costly side... But someday, it's ok to indulge the heart.

  2. A jukebox sounds like a real novelty!! While the place does seem expensive, occasional indulgence never hurts :)

    1. Very true Reshma. I believe the same.


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