Friday, June 6, 2014

Why? - 3 Questions

- Why does it matter to you that I don't drink? I don't explain to you why I don't drink. I don't tell you why you should not drink. I don't lecture you or put conditions that you should be such and such to be with me. Why do you assume that I have a problem with you drinking just because I don't drink? And why exactly do you assume that I somehow have lesser fun than you just because I don't drink. Once again, why exactly?

-Why would anyone want to put such strong things on their face for protection and fairness? I normally don't use any kind of skin protection. I have no need for it as I don't go out in the sun. But for the last couple of days, I had to go out to meet my son during lunch break and mostly walked in the sun. My cousin had left a brand new tube of the new 9 to 5 type cream with SPF and something something and I thought I will use it for the time being and buy her another one. I put it in my bag and left for my office. Unfortunately it had a hole and it leaked out into my new new new bag. I threw the tube away and proceeded to wipe it out with a tissue and wet tissue. And I got a shock because it had stuck to my bag like dried paint. Even though there are spots in my bag, thank god it was on the bag and not me. I was shocked. Why do people use this strong stuff to look fair? And please does somebody know how to remove these stains. I want my bag to look new :(

- Why do employers assume that ladies will not shift to another location if their husbands are working in the present location? Will they ask the men "Will you join so and so location as your wife is working here???” Why do people (Ex-me included) have the mentality that if the husband is transferred the wife goes with him, but if the wife gets a job somewhere else..... Oh wait, why should she even try when her husband is working here? Let the husband try first.

(Ok the last point was written with a bit of passion.)
When I am with my parents, I am a daughter
When I am with my husband, I am a partner
When I am with my son, I am a mother
When I am with my sister am a sister
When I am with my brothers, I am a sister
When I am with my friends, I am a friend
When I am with my work, I am a Professional.
I take the role of the employer, server, and counselor as and when the need arises.
I may play different roles but ultimately I am I

Why is it so difficult to understand that?


  1. Prachnaiyea illa sir,,, ethachchum ezhuthaveandama?

  2. I completely get what you mean by the 1st Why Rahmath, just because someone does not squeal and act crazy doesn't mean they don't have fun. We all have our own idea of having fun, people love to stereotype. I feel sunscreen is not just for fair skin, sometimes the sun can be very harsh on your kin, I see sunscreen more as a skin-protect than cosmetic product. While I don't dab layers of cream and beauty products on a daily basis, during peak summer I do take adequate measures to safeguard my skin from harsh sun.

    1. I totally am ok with sunscreen too Reshma, Moisturizing creams are ok too,in fact necessary. I did not require it simply because, i go in car and I come in car and in between i am inside office. The product I am talking about was like dried paint. I will put up a photo for you. I dont know about the ads there Reshma, but you remember the ads here.... as if your life will get over if you are not fair.

    2. Oh yes Rahmath, I can never forget those ghastly ads, it is alright if you can't read or write but your skin has to be milky white or it will be the end of world...


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