Thursday, July 3, 2014

I must remember....

- never to talk about "this generation children" in a derogatory manner.

- never to give unsolicited advice to others.

- never to talk how ungrateful children today are - for every one child who abandons their parents there are 10 who don't. When we talk about everybody in the same sentence, it is insulting no?

- not talk about the following topics
a) Hindi should be our national language. ( I disagree)
b) Any thing remotely religious to religious fanatics who have trouble accepting that other points of view may exist.
c) Women's place is in kitchen or teacher jobs or bank jobs (Again I disagree)
d) When people use the term "aping the west" for any kind of irresponsible behavior.
e) When anybody talks about family values and culture as if we are the ones who have copyrighted it.
I must remember that I am extremely passionate about the above topics and most of the time my passion kicks my reasonable arguments out which makes the entire debate fruitless.

- not to behave as a martyr. What has happened has happened. I must remember not to belittle myself by talking about it. I have heard others about how much difficulty they have faced and if it were not for them the whole world would have stopped revolving attitude. It is seriously the most bore thing to do. You lose respect ma. (these kind of talks should be extremely rare how much ever you are provoked into it)

- Never to give unnecessary extra information unless you are teaching someone something.

- never to doubt aman's love for us.


  1. You have raised very good and valid points.I agree with most of them.

  2. I agree with Ushaji, but I know for a fact how hard it is to keep your mouth shut or give a polite reply and not enter into a debate, the urge/lure to debate and voice out our opinion is very strong, almost unbearable :)

    1. It is for me too. However I have found that in certain topics , i just feel worse after teh debate. So that motivates me to keep my mouth shut...though yes, once it did burst out like a volcano after keeping quite for around 7 days. Was not pretty !!!!


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