Monday, July 14, 2014

Is religion over rated?

Sometimes Yes...

When places of worship suddenly decide that visitors have to sign entry forms to declare one's devotion,

When loudspeakers are used to convey bhajan, ayats and other words which are meant for silent contemplation,

When people refuse to handle food meant for others just because it is against their religion,

When only certain aspects of religion is used to subdue women forgetting all other aspects of religion which actually affects other people positively,

When people use a holier than thou attitude and put other people down because their religious sentiments,

When public sentiments apparently get affected because someone somewhere did/said something about some religion and cause buses to be burnt, houses to be mobbed , children to be killed, people to be raped,

When happiness, contentment and peace is compromised because from our meager understanding of religion apparently one believes that God wants it to be so,

When signs of devotion become more important than devotion in itself,

When people are denied their due credit for their hard work and fortitude because only God could decree what ever good happened but the same people are admonished for their laziness if their endeavors are not successful,

When religion becomes commercial, people pester you with books and trinkets and then judge you because you don't want to support them,

When processions are carried out on any fine day and cause traffic jams, making life difficult for other people,

When night long prayers through the loudspeaker in full blast in residential places affects the peace of others and still no one has the guts to speak out because it is religious,

When people are not even willing to give the benefit of doubt to logical understanding and yet call you names /pray for your salvation/be condescending for actually having different opinions,

When visiting places of worship or doing certain religious actions becomes a status symbol, 

Yes, sometimes religion IS over rated by the people who follow them.

Written for IndiSpire topic "Is religion Over-rated? What's your take?"


  1. Valid points here, Rahmath.
    Wish people wouldn't do all this in the name of religion...

    1. Yes. It's a pity but religion does get judged by these people only because the others follow their religions so softly that it is goes unnoticed.

  2. Man's interpretation of religiousness is flawed, unfortunately religion takes the blame for man's mistakes.

  3. Yes it's, may be our belief has to get stronger, so that we don't blindly follow what /how others practice... we have been gifted with heart :-)


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