Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend Talks 01.07.2014

- BILs' came last week. So most of the evenings we spent outside. We slept quite late also. Seriously sleep deprived.

- Aman got his first Metro ride and Rickshaw ride this Sunday. The boys wanted to eat from "parathawaali gali". So we went there. Had lots of varieties of parathas. Gobi (cauliflower), Mix Veg, Tomato, Cashew, Meethi Besan and Lady's finger. Had a nice time

- It was pretty HOT. Aman's foodings suffered but he did not seem to mind. He was curious and was looking around very quietly taking everything in.

- This weekend we actually saw Aman think. He was doing sometime when his eyes glazed for a min. looking at a random place intently and then he just kinda came back. I wonder what he was thinking.
I will say it once again. I can't wait for him to talk. God Bless him.

- We went to the National Museum after than. Aman loved the quietness a bit too much and started making excited noises. But after sometime he slept. After we covered the ground floor, I got tired. This always happens. Then we skip the first and second floor. This time hubby was enthusiastic and we saw the second floor which had the arms and military and North East culture exhibits.
I loved this model in which they are showing the life of a tribesman in which he collects toddy from the palm trees. Maybe I should do a separate post on my favorite exhibits.

- We had a very happy time but are exhausted now. Hopefully we will catch on our sleep this week.

-We bought marshmallows. I always wanted to eat them. But now that I have had them, I am wondering ...what's so great about them???? Maybe I had them in a wrong way. There were no instructions in the cover so we just ate them just like that. Are we supposed to roast them? If so for how much time????

- OK I just googled it. Will toast and see. Maybe I will microwave it :)

- We Saw the movie Queen this weekend. I was laughing hard all the time. Kangana Raunat has acted extremely well. It was refreshing.


  1. I'm not crazy about marshmallows either, but have you had s'mores? You toast a marshmallow, and then you make a little sandwich by putting little squares of chocolate on each side of the marshmallow and then graham crackers on the outside. Then you squish it all together. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate a bit. So good! The name comes from the fact that they are so good you want "some more."

    1. I must try it. I was wondering what to do with the marshmallows. I will try it out. Thankyou :)


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