Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend Talks 08.07.2014

- I just realized that the name of the post doesn’t make that much sense because I don't write it in the weekend. It's more about what happened during the weekend. Still the name sticks.

- This weekend I did something different. I went for a movie with my colleague. I needed a break desperately but did not want to send Amnu to the daycare. Hubby said that he would take care of him and that I should just go and enjoy myself. I have been hearing about the movie "Bangalore days" for quite some time now. So when opportunity came knocking I grabbed it. Of course as this is the first time I was doing something without hubby and baby I was thinking about them the whole time but we have decided that it would not do to confine ourselves just because we cannot do things together. So we have decided that we would go for an occasional movie with somebody else. Breaks are so much required to get our bearings and to get fresh.

- The movie was very nice. I was going to say that it showed that "Malayalam cinema" had arrived. But I won’t. Because it was always there. Malayalam cinema's mostly show real life. There is no over acting. The common man could identify himself with them. Like English Dramas. It was a wonderful movie about three cousins and their days in Bangalore where they get together at one point of life. I really enjoyed the movie. Wish hubby was there but maybe after some years when Aman begins to see movies.

- I am puzzled that Amnu doesn’t watch TV. We don't watch too still.... Aren't children supposed to like TV? I put TV and he sees it for some 2 sec. and then gets deviated. When others say how they keep their children quiet for some time in front of the idiot box I wonder, how come mine is not at all interested!!! I put Dora the Explorer and enjoyed it so much but my son was like.... "What’s Amma getting so excited about". I really liked Dora.

- I feel younger with each passing year when my horizons keep widening. However this time when BIl's came, I suddenly felt old. (These cousins of hubby are not that good for me. They make me feel old!!!!Hmmmm:) ) Anyhow they and their cousin were sitting in the back of the car and I and hubby were in the front seats. They were having so much fun talking and teasing that it reminded me of the times that I spent with my cousins. We now have families and we were never going to have night outs talking about life. Suddenly I felt old.

I don’t have a night out even with hubby nowadays. I am so tired nowadays - like ALL THE TIME.

- I am happy; this year I did three things already that I don’t do normally...
1. Wore sleeveless top and a palazzo pant. (Deviated from my normal style)
2. Went for a threading session (The second session should have been last month. But Lazy)
3. Went to see a Mallu movie with colleague.

I wonder if I would do more things which are a bit "hatke" from my usual mundane life.

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  1. I too liked bangalore days, but that is so not how life in bangalore is.. Gone are the days when it used to be chilly all the time. It felt like a very wrong picture to paint to the minds of students who will aspire to come here after seeing this movie for whatever reason.


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