Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Person who killed my pudhina plant,

Dear Person who killed my pudhina plant,
You may be one person or you may be more than one, but really I don't know. Today i am mighty pissed at you. Few days back some construction work started behind our house. So I couldnot keep my plants there and I kept it on the staircase (our staircase) in front of our house. I thought if it rained they would get some additional water. I thought if it was sunny they could soak that as well. After a day or two ,I found that somebody had watered the tulasi plant, just the three tulasi plants.... you know , you must remember, I had two pots in which tulasi and pudhina gre together, then there was curry plant (a tiny baby just coming up) and there was a full fledged tulasi plant. You had not put water for the curry plant or the mature tulasi plant. Well I thought, it must be pooja water. Interesting how people can water one plant and ignore another. Still I was watering them so it didnot matter.But two days I forgot to water and in the second day I realized and ran out. I saw my curry plant had waned, my mature tulasi had waned but not my other plants...because someone was apparently kind enough to water them. I donot like partiality but if some one gives food to my baby I will not stop them. But today I got a shock. You know one pot which had the tulasi and pudhina - the smaller one, someone had removed the pudhina plant completly and put a roti for the tiny tulasi plant. How dare you? How ********* dare you?

How dare you kill my pudhina plant becasue you want to worship tulasi? If you want to worship a tulasi get one of your own. You know what? You should have asked me. I had three. I would have willingly given you one. Do you know their stories? DO you know that the pot belonged to the pudhina you killed. Do you know that the tulasi was a wayward which grew and I didnot want to kill it. The pudhina shared her pot with the new born tulasi. And you killed her???? How dare you?

Then I saw the curry plant. You had actually taken her leaves. She is soooo tiny , How could you? I dont take from her myself. You took from her and you dont even put water for her? How can you do somethign so cruel? How can you be so caring towards one you consider sacred and totally uncaring about something you don't consider important. For me, both are equal.

How can you feel such a sense of ownership?
of entitlement ????
They donteven belong to you!
Ok you want to put your water for some plants, fine I cant say anything about that if if their not your to put,
But to destroy something which is not yours????
How could you....

I can never understand.

You are racist
You are discriminatory
You are a fanatic who thinks some are above others.

I judge you.

And I am not sorry that I do.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

See you soon

My dear blog,
I am here to say good bye. Well maybe "see you" is better. I am not able to do justice to you. I cannot seem to find the time to devote to you. It seems brutal to say that like that but you know me, I prefer it quick.... no beating around the bush. I'll be back. Not so frequently, so I dont want you to wait for me.

You are my best friend. Some one who listens and counsels. You are my confidante. In this busy world when we don't know if anybody has any time for you, you are there.

Life is getting a bit too busy for me blog. I shfted my job,. Its farther away. I can't visit Aman in the afternoons any more. And the worst thing is...I am late than other moms. So my baby has to wait for me alone. And I hate that. That must be a horrible feeling. I never had to wait for my mom ever. I am yet to make the transition easier. We are trying to plan our goings and coming such that we can reach a bit earlier. I hope he will adjust soon.He is sticking even more to me and worse he has started throwing tantrums.Well toddlers do it's  a phase still.....

So you see my sweetheart, my hands are a bit full now. You are the one who keeps me sane but you are my me time too and right now I need to cut corners. I need to run.Maybe I will learn the ropes and come back soon.

You will wait, wont you?

Always in my thoughts
and close to my heart