Sunday, August 17, 2014

See you soon

My dear blog,
I am here to say good bye. Well maybe "see you" is better. I am not able to do justice to you. I cannot seem to find the time to devote to you. It seems brutal to say that like that but you know me, I prefer it quick.... no beating around the bush. I'll be back. Not so frequently, so I dont want you to wait for me.

You are my best friend. Some one who listens and counsels. You are my confidante. In this busy world when we don't know if anybody has any time for you, you are there.

Life is getting a bit too busy for me blog. I shfted my job,. Its farther away. I can't visit Aman in the afternoons any more. And the worst thing is...I am late than other moms. So my baby has to wait for me alone. And I hate that. That must be a horrible feeling. I never had to wait for my mom ever. I am yet to make the transition easier. We are trying to plan our goings and coming such that we can reach a bit earlier. I hope he will adjust soon.He is sticking even more to me and worse he has started throwing tantrums.Well toddlers do it's  a phase still.....

So you see my sweetheart, my hands are a bit full now. You are the one who keeps me sane but you are my me time too and right now I need to cut corners. I need to run.Maybe I will learn the ropes and come back soon.

You will wait, wont you?

Always in my thoughts
and close to my heart


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