Thursday, October 8, 2015

Memory exercise day 1

Morning I got up at 6:30. decided not to walk today as was not feeling very well. So I put the tea and hubby went to get somethings from the market, I think rent and milk and garlic and ginger. Didi just had to make 4 parantha s so i asked her if she could clean the mixie. She did a lot more than that. I made puris for Aman, paneer cubes fry and toasted bread with plain omlette. packed it  and went to bath. Hubby had already taken Aman to bath but he really didnot want to. However with me helping he bath without much fuss. Hubby wrapped him up and kept him on the bed to have his quiet time. Meanwhile hubby bought food for me and while i was having it Aman showed gestures indicating he wanted to have it too so I fed him. That's quite rare and Aman normally breakfasts in his daycare. So i did not care about being a bit later than usual for office. Thank god for flexible timing.

Reached office. waved a good bye kiss to hubby. It was almost intersepted by another guy. He looked at me weirdly. I did not care. I will wave a kiss to my husband anywhere anytime. If we were not in India. I may even kiss him. Why should I not?

Lots of work in office. Actaully i need to tell my line manager about the plan. went through the AIP. Found out new new codes to explore. The enormity of designing within one month hit me. Nope Not reasonable. Anyhow had a discussion on relationship between x/d ratio and the the section being under reinforced or over reinforced. Found out why a particular formula may not have a particular value. Re checked a document and explained the corrections to a collegue. Gave a checked document to the reviewer.

Decided to make a checklist of things to do and the time required. But maybe I may need some orientation time for that. So maybe i will be doing that at home in the weekend.

Had a discussion on the methodology to use in a steel encased deck which may or maynot have reinforcement. Awkward situation arose, it did not affect me that much i guess because i was already working in something else also.

Took printout of the 1994 code and got out. was a bit late. there was lots of traffic. warned the auto driver not to go wrong side else just drop me there. so he went the right side. did do a not so allowed shortcut though. Well I need to select my battles. Atleast it was not wrong side.

reached home at 5;30. Gave clothes for ironing and went to call aman. Aman was given juice and he held it in his hands until we got home. Then he sat and drank it and then played with  his cycle and then did something. And while he was doing it hubby came so I asked hubby to deal with the something. Was still not feeling very well so asked hubby to make me tea if possible. as we needed to go to cut aman's hair. Anwarji was not there so we decided to cut it when he came back as he had done a good job last time. I threaded though and it looks weird. But the good thing about hair its just one month deal. after a month it no longer matters. it grows out. Then went to give two of my suits to stitch. I confused the guy with my measurements. It is huge measurements but what to do my stomach is that big . and I do tie my pants quite high.

Then i went and gave my two other clothes for minor stitching and came back. Aman did not want to come back so he threw a tantrum. My didi had already come . Told her to make rice. Hubby told her to make any curry she wanted. and i told her to fry 4 pieces of fish. Then I and hubby did our assigned chores and he helped m eout in one chore. then we sat to see mastechef and I though I will do this exercise to sharpen my memory which has suffered a lot possibly due to my lack of sleep.

Aman is watching Tayo.

I have dipped my legs in a bucket of water and it feels good.

Hope this exercise works.
Always had a good memory when I used to write diary.

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