Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Letters to my diary 24.11.2015

Dear diary,

guess what ? Got a new laptop. You remember how my acer broke the day before Aman was born? So at last i have got the replacement. I had to get it because there was so much to study in office and no laptop from there to bring home. Hopefully I will utilize this for that purpose also. Hubby is using this more actually. But then that's because his computer is kaput. He is buying his desired components one by one using his hard won prize money for the outstanding performance of the year in his office. Yes my love, I am excessively proud of him. He would have never bought the computer parts he needed otherwise. I convinced him that he deserved to have something he loved out of the money.

We had gone for our half yearly vacation this November second and third week. It was a very good vacation. Normally by the tenth day, I am all ready to come back to my home and do my work. This time  did not want to come at all. Aman fell sick though in the last couple of days. So I had to extend my holiday by two days. He had to have antibiotics from yesterday. The temperature is under control so i guess the antibiotics is working.

I am yet to get used to this keyboard . there are too many mistakes in my sentences. Of course you will not know how much because i intend to do spell check.

Aman's communication skills has increased a lot after going to Trivandrum. He still talks in Hindi though he communicates even more now. WE showed him the alphabet cards yesterday and I was amazed at the amount of words he knew. I underestimated him.

That he won everybody's hearts with his good behaviour is no surprise. After all he is the grandson of both KSM and MAJ.

 We had intended to do one of both Amma and Atha's procedures. Amma's was done and results were satisfactory. She can stop having one of the medicines she was having which means she is mentally a bit more prepared for the knee surgery which we hope to have in March InshaAllah. Father's procedure we could not do because it became too much of a hurry burry and the doctor was not there the week we were at my home. Hopefully he will do it this week end. FIL has said he will take atha and go. If he will be able to do that it will be a very big relief.

I saw a lot of butterflies this time.It was rainy season too . So i had my hearts desire this time. I did not want to o come back to Gurgaon to this rat race again.

I am finding it difficult to type in this laptop. need to get used to it.
Stopping for now

Love Rahmath.