Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Random thoughts

1) This weekend we decided to go out. We had wasted the last two weekends. We thought at first we will go to the book fair. But then decided to go to Sarojini Market. Wanted to buy some ceramic bowls. Did not get it though.  And the rush was just too much. we left for Delhi haat. There we had a good time. AND, I bought my nest of dolls. It has been one of my child hood dreams to own one of them . Aman loved it so much he held on to it the whole time until we reached home. He played with it so much. I was so so happy.

2) I started this post last week. Wrote one point and then well did not write the rest. By the way the nest of dolls we bought well , 2 of them broke. I was extremely sad and then got over it.

3)Office is being a bit stressful. It should technically not be this stress full , but still... Hmmmm maybe it will be ok soon. Work is still rewarding.

4) yesterday we went to the Delhi book fair. Parking was an issue and we became tired even before the trip started. However we still had a good time and got some pretty good books. We bought  around 12 amar chitra kathas , 4 Enidblytons, around 4 Thomas the engine books then some 2 -3 flap and pop up books, then one Jack reacher  that hubby bought and one Bill Bryson that I bought. There were so many books and i did not know what to buy. I really did not want to buy anything serious. The review behind the book seemed promising, and I bought the bill bryson.  Any suggestions??? Maybe I will enroll in a online library thing also, though this time I should be more careful with my deposit money. Lost about 4500 last time I ventured into this.

5) I am thinking of starting another session of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Or should I restrict it to 1 year ???? Life without target seems boring. This year starts with promises of a traveling year. we have planned for a Musoorie trip and a Srinagar trip. So yes, I think I will have somethings to blog about this year.....

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