Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Progress Update: 10/02/2016 - 16/03/2016

10/02/2016   - Wake up at 6:00, go for a half and hour walk everyday morning for the next 7 days. (Sat and Sun - wake up at 8:00). Combine with 15 min jogging/walking in treadmill anytime possible. Measure in fitbit how much work out is done. reach a goal of 5 min jogging without huffing by the end of the week.


Didnot log


Didnot log


Didnot log


Didnot wake up in the morning. Decided last week that I wouldn't. Have been walking everyday dutifully for 30 minutes. Climbing 5 stairs also. This week I wondered if I had overdid it. I also played table tennis. As the table was in the 18th floor and I sit in the 19th floor I did a lot of up and down. So Saturday I thought I will just go a bit easy on myself. Hubby had to go to office today so I got time to use the treadmill only at 7:15. Walked 45 minutes seeing friends. Covered 3 km. But the situation is different for me in the mornings. I am not a morning person. My motivation was going a bit but yesterday when I talked to father, he asked what happened to the marathon. I said its in march and I am training for it. He seemed to be excited that I was doing it. So yes that kinda remotivated me a bit.


Didnot log. However did get up at a better time and go to the park for walking. Walked for 30 minutes. Walked in the evening for 15 minutes in which I jogged for 5 min. straight. Discovered that maybe maintaining a constant velocity was the key for jogging.


Got up at 6:00. Wanted to go earlier to the park because nowadays more people are coming in the morning as the winter is bidding goodbye. Still , could go only 5 min earlier. Anyhow that's cool. Ran around 150m which I think is a great improvement. Tried to control my pace and speed and it decidedly had an effect. I hope its consistent. Had to go to the self realization session in Aman's future school. So couldn't do the stairs thing( Need to go to office in the lunch time for that.) Came back. Jogged for 5 min. at a faster pace in the evening, but not controlled. Hope I will be able to be a conscious jogger.


Did not log


  1. You should track your activity using some app like Runtracker or WalkJogRun etc.. or get a fitbit.. That will help a lot I guess.

    1. Yes I am tracking my activity with fitbit. It is quite interesting and fulfilling when the goals are met.True:)

  2. Try the app runkeeper or walkjogrun.. It is much better than tracking with just the fitbit.. gives you an idea of the route,time etc.. I find it useful


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