Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekly Progress Update: 17/02/2016 - 23/02/2016


Did not log. though fitbit did say that my activity level was around an hour.

Did not log. Got up in the middle of the night and then discovered that I couldn't sleep at all. So I decided that I deserved a break.So I did not go for my morning walk. I know that 1 day is supposed ot be a rest day but I don't think I am doing that kind of a work out . Also I am afraid if I break the inertia then its going to be doubly hard for me to get back. I had begin to think of my weight loss also. It is against my initial stand of concentrating in one thing at a time.So back to one thing at a time.


Got up at 6:00. went for the half an hour walk. Climbed 7 stairs. Did not do the evening 15 minutes. Slept off


Didnot log. But I walked I think. Not the evening one though


Got up at 8:00.Made tea and then went for the walk. I felt it very difficult to complete my half an hour walk today. Ultimately I stopped walking in the park and deviated to the market. Not brisk walking but still walking. Today in the afternoon I finally broke my resolve of not taking my weight until the end of the training. I guess i wanted to know whether this had any effect. The weighing balance showed 73 which is 1.5 kilo lesser than last time I saw the weight. I really really hope that I have actually lost my weight and that this is not some error. Anyhow decided that I wont weigh myself in between fortnights. Its quite difficult to measure any change really otherwise.


Did not log

Didnot log

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