Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Progress Update: 3/02/2016 - 9/03/2016


Time : 5:55 - Alarm rang. Snoozed it for 10 min.
Time 6:05-  Got up. Thought for a moment or two whether to sleep back or not. Thought of the published goal. Then put on my chappals and got out of the bedroom door. 1 for me 0 for devil.

Time 6:05. - Peeped outside. DARK. Oh so the sun is not up???!!!!!! weird. OK. so maybe I will make tea (normally hubby's job). Contemplated whether to change my timings to 6:15 or 6:30. Then decided against it. Thought once again of the bed. Then went and made tea. 2 for me 0 for devil.

Time 6:40 - It is still dark. Thought I will record my endeavors though. Sipping tea.Will I be able to go at all???!!!! cause at 7:15, I need to start breakfast.

P.S. Went for the walk afterall. Was pretty cold. Was a tough day today. Hopefully I will get up tomorrow.


Got up a bit late today. Went without much issue. Dressed warmly this time. Went to the vegetable shop after that to by cucumbers for sandwich. Saw so many school buses on the way back


Almost , Almost did not go today. Got up later than yesterday. at 6:30. Went anyway. Noticed whiel walking that every one else was overtaking me. The only ones who I overtook were clearly senior citizens.


DIDNOT get up . couldnot. Got up at 11:00 and I could have slept more. However did do the treadmill for 30 minutes. Maybe I should go a bit easy on myslef for saturday and sunday, else most probably I will crash and burn.


Woke up late. But I had already decided that. Did walk for 30 minutes in the treadmill though. Discovered that in Saturday Sundays, if one is not going out, one needs to have another 30 mintues treadmill time to reach the goal of 7000 steps. Wondering if I will be able to wake up tomorrow at all.

------------------- Did not log.


Successfully completed one week of training. Yesterday I had thought that it would be almost impossible for me to even do 10 min. My legs were aching so. So I ran a bit and found it helped but I couldn't do even 100m. Was full of self doubts. But somehow I did it. Today I woke a little late but still could go out at the prescribed time. Tried jogging a bit slower. Still barely made 100m. Wondering if being hydrated will help. Incorporated a subgoal of 5 stair flights per day this week. Still having doubts. But I am giving it my all. Whatever happens, we will see then.

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