Sunday, May 1, 2016

Letters to my Diary 01/05/2016

Dear dairy,

I talked to atha today about my work , stress ,money. He told me not to bother about the increment, not to take unnecessary stress , not to think too much else it will harm us only. Important things like aman and hubby ,,, and myself  that's the thing to concentrate. Just keep doing the work properly as i always did and wait for next year. I am bit frustrated about how things are anyhow mostly its fine so i guess i should not bother much about it.

Aman has started school and he is doing good. He had a phase suddenly in which  he hated school. We had a feeling that he was being pushed around by someone and one day he told hubby that he was. We told his didi's in school about it. They were handling it unfortunately the boys who were bullying Aman were his friends so they were dealing with it a bit carefully because somehow aman ends up going to them himself. But our talk did good. He was a bit aloof; now he is integrating with his group more.

Aman is growing up at a pace which is breathtaking. And with him we are growing too.  Our growth as parents, as people has become exponential these past few weeks. we can choose out friends but we cant choose aman's . we are forced to go beyond our comfort zones for him and yes, it is a good expereince. Aman is growing and we are growing with him.

Every week aman's favourite songs change. It used to be ABC last november, then wheels on the bus go round and round. Today it was different.Some how I am not able to remember the song now!!!!

Hubby and I bought a coulouring book fro mindfulness. Hubby bought it for him actually. It has some 50 designs for adults actually. Like a stressbuster. And i am using it more than hubby. I would have chosen nature ,, hubby chose vintaage designs. Anyhow there are some vines and flowers in it too. I like green colour now more. Figures actually. It's a colour which is a bit lacking in Gurgaon. Atleast the part i frequent. Thank god for my rangoon keeper.

In the last 1 week we sent aman's school out family pic, my old dupatta , and hubby old t shirt and swimming shorts for Aman. Sometimes I wish I could see what Aman is doing at school. It must be so much fun. I ask aman everyday what he did at school. The answer is same "I played". And then I ask what did he play and he says "With toys". thats it. nothing more nothing less. At this point of my life i envy the parents with children who talk a lot. Aman talks but he compartmentalizes. Knowing his father its no surprise. I  remember in college hubby used to be someone who once at college never talked about home and when at home dissappeared from college circle. It changed of course with due time.

Days are getting very hectic. Aman's school will close in May for 2 months. It will be difficult for him to go to this day care for full day now i think. Lets see. I wish I was working part time.

One day I wanted to spend sometime with Aman, I took leave. I dropped him in school. Talked to some parents while i was waiting for him to settle down without having to worry about goign to office. The reached home, did some work then left again for his school . Brought him back. Ate food together. took a nap and when hubby came home i could do his chores and not be tired which meant hubby got some time off as well. it was nice.

Chalo, I have to go right now. No time for doing spell check...

Lots of love

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