Friday, May 13, 2016

Letters to my diary 13/05/2016

Dear diary,

Office is stressful. But the positive side is, I am enjoying the work. It is quite challenging. It is interesting. I have had the good fortune of doing variations of the same thing which helps me do some comparison studies and help me understand the behavior of the structure. I am doing a 3D portal frame with different support conditions. Yes, it certainly is interesting.

I have come to a theory . I have always believed that it takes at least 6 months to settle into a new place. I have developed a new theory now of two years. First six months you see all that you agree with the place. Then the next six months you start finding differences and all that you don't agree. Then six months will pass in your making an attempt to make peace with it. If you cant make peace, then the last six months will determine if you will search for a new place.

My first two six months have passed. Now the third six months will make me try to make peace with the situation. I think I will be able to. As long as I get similar interesting work.

I have also made peace with the fact that I am a fighter. I am not going to win awards for good behavior. But I will certainly have the reputation of being dependable. And I think I am quite happy with that. There are too many good people in the industry anyway.

Am I talking like Elsa????

Hubby has come from office.
Will talk later
lots of love

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