Saturday, May 21, 2016

Letters to my Diary 21.05.2016

Dear Diary,

I spent sometime going through my posts. I do that sometimes now a days. I am getting a lot of page views suddenly. I am not sure why. Is someone out there reading my posts? Or is it some software glitch. Anyhow it is still encouraging, and it makes me want to write even more.

Last sunday we celebrated Aman's birthday. Really celebrated. We had not done so before. We did not buy many gifts but Aman got a lot of them. So in a way it worked out well. But the thing i was happy about was that, we celebrated on Monday as well. In his daycare; with his friends. And he was happy. I know he was happy.

I blew a lot of balloons for him on his birthday and filled his small play area with balloons of all colours. He was very happy and I was happy with him.

He is such a sweet child ; Aman is.

This week for the first two days , he cried while going to B didi's house. The third day he didnot cry. I was surprised . Then didi told me that Aman has kept his promise. Apparently he had promised her that he wouldn't cry anymore. And I was proud that my son kept his promises. Ofcourse we also almost never break our promises to him . Neither does B didi.

Tomorrow we have to go to walking at 5:30am. I find it a bit unreasonable . However I do want to get into the habit of walking once again. Deepu has come for babysitting Aman. Its so hot so I am grateful that he has come despite the fact that we don't have an extra ac. I would like to go for the walk with hubby. Its a long time since we did such things together.Its also time to buy an ac.

Read "The murder of Roger Arcoyd". I think I have been reading a bit too much of agatha christie because i got an idea, then it went , then again it came again. It was interesting. I should say more else it may spoil the book for you. However, the words which made the book precious was not those written by Ms christie. K had written some words before he gifted the book to me and hubby. Somehow it just made my time in my previous company worth it. If I can meet one such person in every office I work, then whatever happens I think I will be a happy soul in the end.

I will stop now. I am tired. Will talk tomorrow.


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