Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life Lessons - The one with the donkey, man and son.

Today I am reminded of the story of the donkey, the man and the son. Do you know that story?
In case you don't, then this is how it goes.

One day  a man and his son were going to the market with their donkey. On their way they passed someone villagers and they said "How silly these two people are . At least one of them could sit on the donkey and reach the market without getting tired.

Hearing this the man told his son to sit on the donkey.

After sometime they passed some other villagers and they heard one of them remark.

"What kind of a son is this to make his father walk while he sits on the donkey very happily"

Hearing this the son felt very bad and got down and told his father to get on to the donkey.
After sometime they passed another set of villagers. By this time it was noon and the boy was quite red under the sun.

"Surely that man on the donkey is not the boy's father. Would a father not see his son's discomfort?

Now the boy and his father were perplexed. So ultimately they decided that both of them would sit on the donkey for the final stretch to the market.

They had almost reached there when the fourth group of villagers met them.

"Look at these two. Don't they have any kind of consideration for the donkey."


So. why did I remember this story now out of the blue????

To remind me of the life lessons hidden in the stories from my childhood.

You cannot please everybody. The displeasure may be targeted to hit many parts of our self, intelligence, respect, love and even empathy- something we all want to have. However it is always preferable to be comfortable in what you are doing. The mistake of this father and son was that they gave the power of judgement to other people. People who don't even matter.

I dont remember if this story is form the Panchatantra or Aesop's fables. But wherever they are from, I am glad I read them when I was a child. And I should remember to read them even more now.

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