Monday, July 4, 2016

Decluttering thoughts

- Today read Mayil will not be quite once again. I liked it better this time. more than the last. I somehow am reminded of Zulaikha every time I read it. Though Zulaikha is not that talkative.

-We have unpacked half the books to our new almirah. And instantly I feel comfortable. As if My house has at least become a home. To be able to choose a book and read while eating. Yes, comfort indeed.

- I guess I did not tell you, we shifted home three weeks ago. One week after we shifted we had to leave for BIL's wedding. After coming back, we bought an almirah and chest of drawers from Olx and it is perfect. I love the chest of drawers. It’s exactly as I wanted it to be. I love the almirah also However its extremely heavy (requires around 10 people to move it) so I am not sure if we will take it and go. But it’s a wonderful one. I definitely will be heartbroken to leave it here.

-Removed the thing lodged inside my sole for one year. Pained for a week. Today I walked around using the whole feet. Having only one good leg sucks. I still could walk though. I was thankful that I had legs.

-But still my feet pain. I don’t need back messages or body massages, but yes, I wish I could get the machine which could give me feet messages every day. I think that’s my weak point now. No it has nothing to do with weight. They had started paining even when I weighed 10 kilos less.

-I like this new house. It’s nice. Life is excessively busy and hectic. I am tired. I want to do something new

- Thinking of starting namaz. I may . Mostly I may not.

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