Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random Thoughts

- Today I read a blog post in which the author had told about her break (?) from work. She took a break after 21 years. And I wondered. Will it take me 21 years to take a break. Should I wait for 21 years. This means more 13 years. Aman will be 16. I would rather be working then. I think I will put a target of 12 years. 4 more years to go. Aman will be 7.

-Joined Gurgaon Walkers for the first time. Difficulty level was 6. Was slightly apprehensive but then wanted to go ...so went. Apprehension changed to disbelief. It was not walking but almost trekking. But I had already started the journey. Did not feel like going back. And I feel extremely happy that I did not. In a way its good that I didn't know it was trekking. I would have not gone because I would have been afraid. But now.... I have already done it.

-Have successfully refrained from buying anything for me during the sale season. I am trying to go the minimalist way.Lets see how that goes. I wouldn't need more dresses if only I lost around 5 kilos alround.