Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Review - Mrs Funny Bones

Mrs FunnybonesMrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna
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I had read a column of Twinkle Khanna in a newspaper sometime ago and I was thought she wrote really well. Well I underestimated her,

I have never laughed so hard. In the recent years there are lot of Indian authors who have come out with their versions of being a married Indian woman. So really what was new? or so I thought, but the extreme comical twist given to every single incident made every chapter hilarious. It didnot matter that she was Twinkle Khanna or Akshay kumar's wife or Dimple Kapadia's daughter. She could be just you or me. The celebrity aspect was just like a bit of pepper sprinkled on top of a delicious sweet corn chicken soup.

There were times when I did feel that whether you are clever or intelligent or rich or a celebrity , in some things there seems to be no difference at all. She still is the sole parent who changes diapers, her son complains to a husband who promptly admolishes her (I would have kicked my hubby in a similar situation, which I am pretty sure she would have too if he was there in person), goes for household shopping and works while the husband lounges.(ok maybe here I am a bit prejudiced).

But ofcourse the whole deal cannot be written in a single book. And if we wanted the husband's point of view, then maybe he should write a book huh ;)
Hopefully there will soon be a Mrs Funnybones 2.

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