Sunday, January 1, 2017

In this Year ....Just for this year.... I resolve

1) To follow the principles  I learned from my teacher from the Sivananda Yoga Center to better my health and to come to a healthy weight of 62 kilos from my present 68 which post the WLP I am pretty confident I can. Reduce one kilo every month for the first 6 months. Maintain the weight loss the second half of the year.

2) To start blogging once again by getting motivated from Indiblogger. Also resolve to have only one dear diary posts for every 10 other posts.

3) To connect to people and be ok if they don't initiate or appreciate the connection.

4) To hear insults,abuse and in-sensibilities yet not receive it.

5) To give love and respect to people who have given so much in the past and continue to do so even now.

6) To not say anything negative about anyone or anything to anyone apart from hubby despite the fact that people may assume things which may be unpalatable to me. But for this year I resolve.

7) To love or not expect to be loved in return.

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