Saturday, January 21, 2017

On comfort zones

"You must do the things you think you cannot do" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

For the last six months or so my interest has been shifted from fictional books to self help books. The only motivational book I have been interested in for the last 15 years was
"How to win friends and influence people." However the trend has changed. I still cannot read books like Shiv khera , I cannot read books which say how to be a winner or so. However small books on happiness and being satisfied and changing the negative thoughts in mind fit my bill.

Around two months back on my trip to the Om book house ( which is not an exclusive trip but a part of my boy's fun time in the mall) i was wondering if I will ever find any book.Then, my eyes fell on "follow your heart". It was a medium sized book with small illustrations at every page along with nuggets of wisdom expertly hidden in small anecdotes written by a Andrew Mathews.

As this post is not a book review post, I wont go into it but if you trust me, go ahead, buy it.... its a good read. I highly recommend it.

One of the things in the book which caught my imagination was "only by going out of your comfort zone shall you grow". I found this particular piece of wisdom very catching.

My present office is a fine one. This year I have been given additional responsibilities as well. However this will require me to change how I act upon some of my actual beliefs. And some times I feel some kind of a suffocation. I think it must be because it is bigger than what I am used to or I find it difficult to do things which I normally don't do. I love teaching and I teach at every instant however do I make presentations and give training to all the offices all over the world? I don't.

I feel that success in any field nowadays is about visibility. It doesn't matter that you work well and hard. You have to sell it as well. You have to sell yourself as well. And sometimes I wonder if we use up a percentage of our energy or effort in selling whereas this effort should be used in the actual work. Hence I automatically think of it as a wastage. And when you think in that way it does not help and I have to make a conscious effort to change that thinking.

Putting yourself in the limelight is extremely important. In one way you are doing it for your company and that's great because you are your company's brand ambassador. So it makes perfect sense to go and do it. But your whole life you are grilled that you shouldn't blow your own trumpet, never say what good you have done , to blend in completely, and all these training makes it so difficult to put yourself out there. Interestingly I have no problem being in the limelight as far as I don't know I am there. But if it is a conscious thing then I feel inhibited.

And I wonder if this going past my comfort zone will help me grow,

I am pretty sure it will....
However sometimes I wonder....
Do I want to grow in this way at all?
Is  any growth always good?
My logic says it should be.
My heart says anything that happens will be a lesson learnt which is good.

Keeping my fingers crossed but must say  even thinking of getting out of my comfort zone is mighty uncomfortable.

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