Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Dish of dashes

- SIL sent a pic with a cute little child hugging a fish(out of water) with lots of love with the caption "Otherwise it would have drowned". Sarcasm overloaded. I found it tremendously funny because it reminded me of something else. I wonder if the simile hit her or not. I am not going to ask. Second (future) SIL has not contacted me at all.hmmmm. Well different people are different. Anyhow I am happy SIL whatzapps me. I am really bad in certain things
-Today Aman was supposed to take his tricycle to school. We had not seen that note. Children feel very bad when this happens and I know Aman felt too. However we told Aman that we would bring his cycle after leaving him at school before going to office. And his first response was "But amma or achchi late ho gajaya". Swoon!!!!!. I was so floored by his consideration. Obviously we said his cycle was more important than our being late. But I was so happy.
- I was going to type that it was not a good day but I think it was. So I wont write that. Today I could share my knowledge on what I know abut designing the deck slab using IRC code with a collegue. Thats the only aspect of my job that I like now and the fact that some money gets deposited every month which makes my life easier.
I don't think I will ever get much money made simply because I think everything needs respect. Unless you desperately need something you will not get it. If somebody tells you " I am happy you are my friend and that you call everyday, but I have the same lukewarm feeling I have for that other friend who calls me once a month" tell me, would you still feel like calling this person every day? 

 NO. you wouldn't. 

I think everything in this world follows the same principle. I don't think I will ever get rich or as successful in job as some people because these things are not the primary goal of my life. The primary goal of my life is to spend time with the people I love, to read some books, to do a bit of gardening, eat well and so on... I love to succeed, But I won't stay in office till 10 in the night everyday. I simply won't. And obliviously that will reflect in my paycheck. I don't believe in an utopian career world where people can go beyond these aspects of doing the job and judge you fairly by the amount of work you do. Unfortunately I don't anymore.
- Some of the fan fictions are really good. I am reading another Scorose one. This is more of the general category, at least till now. There is so explicit explanations on how they are doing it. (Frankly speaking it simply does not feel right in these books. OK I am a prude). So I am enjoying reading it. However there is one small problem. Every time I put down my phone for some reason and I come back I start searching for the book I was reading and then realize , hey I was reading it from my phone!!!!!!

And one more thing..... A book never says "Battery finished...Power Off".  I will always be a loyal Book(er)?
- So My son is sleeping and he has not had dinner . Hubby has made a sandwich. When Aman wakes up we will give him .Hopefully he will eat it and fall asleep once again. My sweetheart is such a cute handsome little boy. My older sweetheart is a handsome one too :). Going to sleep now tata....



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hum Tum

Yesterday we watched the 2004 movie Hum Tum in amazon prime. I remembered that it was a game changing movie in Bollywood with a very modern heroine. When I say modern it does not mean mini skirts and standing up for herself in a brash way. I mean modern in the sense that she slaps the hero when he is a jerk (kisses her in the first day they meet simply to make her stop talking) instead of blushing and falling in love with him that very second. She does not go about as if her honor is lost as well. She asks very strong questions on the status of unmarried women and refuses to marry the hero when he wants the same because he was feeling guilty of crossing some lines.

I mean modern in that sense.

I always thought this was a fun movie a decade ago but I had not seen it since. But yesterday I was assured that this definitely was a movie ahead of its time. Its been 13 years and it is only now that such topics have come in the normal media, in ads and documentaries. Its been 13 years and women and men have started asking the same questions asked by the heroine.

Should I feel sad that we are only in the stage where we have started asking questions or should I be glad that the change is surely coming.....

Movies are meant for entertainment, I agree....
But movies are arts, though which the artist can influence so many people...

So today... I will be glad...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thankyou Apello

Recently my sister in law, reintroduced me to pinterest. Browsing one topic after another led me to the fan art of Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley. I am sure I neednot say who they are but just in case you do not know, they are the children of Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. The fan arts were intense and they led me to the fan fictions. I normally do not read fan fiction simply because they don't gel very well with me. I like one strain of story telling and one author's style of telling it. However in this particular case my sensitivities were not hurt that much because it dealt with two people whose chemistry was not really explored anywhere. I was lucky enough to find a really well written one "Roses are red".

I found it very interesting. Infact the previous statement would be an understatement. I am no longer sixteen but remembered that age. (though I must say I never ever did ANYTHING remotely near the happenings of the book.) However it was more like the old M&B. Brooding and intense young men and sweet young women.

I completed the 47 chapters in one go, however I must add I did skip some portions which were never interesting to me even in the original books, say Quidditch. Ya kill me, I find sports boring even if they were in the magical world unless I am on top of the broom chasing the golden snitch.

But do you know the problem with fan fiction? The author has no compulsion to finish the story. I was lucky I got it so late , so I had a very good continuity up to the very end. But the author has not written from October 2016. The plot is in a climatic situation aka,(*Spoiler alert*) the heroine is caught by horrible horrible Death Eaters (who still exist by the way) and is desperately waiting for the hero Scorpius, her father Ron and Uncle Harry to come rescue her. Do they reach her in time? Does the family finally accept their love????

No freaking idea.

The author seems to love cliches. As long as nothing tragic has happened to him/her to make him/her sadistic I am quite positive that all will end well. But how and when ???!!! We will have to wait.....

But thank you Apello for making me addicted to Fan fiction.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Decluttering thoughts

Today Aman did not have school. So I took leave from office to give him company. We try as far as possible not to send him to daycare when he has these onsies. He has a holiday tomorrow also. However hubby also has a holiday so its ok. I allowed him to see a lot of videos today. I suspect his father will also allow him tomorrow. However this week end we should plan such that he is not addicted to the ipad. I realized even though he counts, he does not know the numbers when he sees them. I wonder if that's ok for an almost four year old. I wonder if I should start taking the effort to teach him contrary to my original plan of not bothering him about all these things until he finishes kg. you know, just do his work in school (if any). Lets see.

Hubby comes late from office nowadays and so do I . Its difficult when there is no continuity . Your routine breaks. My child hood was very organized. My father would always come at 6:15. we always had food by 9 or 9:30. We always slept by 10:00. There  is a comfort in that kind of discipline. I don't think Aman has that. And I envy parents who can establish that kind of a system. Somehow I doubt if we can.

I wanted to mend my relationships with someone this year. But somehow I am not able to. There is too much bitterness and too much of lack of trust. People wonder at my strictness. But they don't see that its extreme fear that makes me strict. I am so afraid of giving levy and then regretting it. I know that person is hurt sometimes and I try. And then that person says something inappropriate and ....... well, downhill my effort goes.

Office is going ok I guess. But its not a place where my qualities can be put in use. Lets see how things work out this year.

My garden is doing good by gods grace. Some seedlings have come. I need to put some paalak seeds as well. I am extremely reluctant to harvest my moolis . I have no idea why. Hopefully my capsicum and chillie seedlings will grow strong and well. Need to buy some more pots. Maybe this week end.

Just got  a call from a hr recruitment company asking if I am looking for a job change. Suddenly there is an influx of these calls. I guess this is the time when people recruit. Feb and March. Just before the increments in office.

I never thought house work to be tiresome. But somehow in this house I am more than normal lazy. But its a wonderful house. Last weekend I was watering the plants and it almost felt like I was in my maternal home. We went to buy some plants and my eyes automatically wandered to the plants which we had in my childhood home. They were costly. And I thought - ''my god these were weeds in our house''. I simply couldn't shell out money for them. I think that was a mistake. The pleasure they give me is tremendous. I remember stories associated with the plants. Fathima akka was the one who brought home the plants. She somehow used to get it from her friends and their mothers. She must have been a marvel because I know sometimes people can be extremely possessive about these plants. Memories and comfort reside in these plants. I should have bought them. I will.
I saw two bees in my garden today and I felt happy.

Salina didi , my cook has come and she is cooking the food. I find it a luxury that I can type when she is cooking. This is actually a luxury because aman is  watching videos today. We get along pretty well and she tells me stories of her home. Sometimes we keep talking and Aman does not like that very much if I an he are alone in the house. He says to didi that if she talks while working, things will fall down. So one should not talk when one is working. That's a clue for me to follow him and do what he wants me to do. And I am happy to do it. However today he is addicted to vedios and I am not in a place to wean him from it.

His chitpa, my youngest brother in law, who is studying here is coming for dinner. So maybe then aman will come out of the Ipad. But the videos he sees are so cute. Have you heard of the song"Have you ever seen a tail? a tail? a pig's tail?" Its a cute one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

5 Random Things

- This is the third time I am starting to write. I have understood I will never have enough time to write a proper paragraph let alone an article. Waiting for it will result in never writing at all. So I guess we will simply have to have a random post blog till I get some quality time.

- Took a leave today. I was feeling very exhausted and tired and depressed. The days I feel depressed in work seems to be more than the days I feel happy. Anyhow the only way I know how to counter this feeling is by cleaning. I did not want to lie down. I have seen that lying down only exhausts me further. I really want to go to office tomorrow rejuvenated. I spent about 2 hours cleaning our room. But somehow I was not at all satisfied and was wondering why. After a bit of pondering I realized I feel as if I have cleaned only when I remove boxes from the house ....literally. I have packed three boxes of clothes since 6 months. Have not given it to Goonj. Hopefully I will do it this week end.

-Hubby has bought a second hand book through amazon. He became quite amused when he realized that it had come all the way from Kerala. And While I was typing I realized that my spelling and grammar had become abysmal. So I have decided to make the corrections in spelling manually. Hopefully it will undo the damage done by blindly using spell prompts. As far as grammar is concerned, I will do it in the next stage.

-Roses have bloomed in our garden and its looking really pretty. Ain't it pretty?

 Doing things for Aman are obviously easy for me however there was one thing which was a bit hard. Normally when I feel blue I just buy some cosmos and keep them in the vase. I feel very happy when I see them. I used to have flowers on my study table when I was at my parents. However once Aman was born and after two three times we realized that every time we had those flowers Aman got into a coughing spell. Maybe it was some kind of an allergy. So I stopped keeping flowers in vases. It's been  2 -2.5years now and I wondered if I could start having flowers inside the house once again.  I wondered if I should try some other flowers like lilies or some ornamental flowers even though cosmos are my favorite. However today while I was watering the plants, I suddenly got an idea that I could just keep a bunch of mustard flowers. Aman had not had any allergic reaction to them till now so I am hoping it will be ok. It is a happy flower. The  yellow is a very happy yellow.

-We also harvested our first batch of radishes this weekend and it felt so awesome to eat it. Don't they look fresh? Have planted the tomato saplings. I have planted some seeds for okra, beans, capsicums and red spinach. Lets see how they all turn out. Keeping my fingers crossed. I went through some composting videos and got inspired. But I did not go through the exact procedure. Just put some vegetable waste in a pot like I normally do. Once its a bit dry, I will just add some soil on top.It normally works well for me. It may not have the texture of compost but acts as a good nutrient booster. Maybe I will add some dry leaves as well this time.