Wednesday, February 8, 2017

5 Random Things

- This is the third time I am starting to write. I have understood I will never have enough time to write a proper paragraph let alone an article. Waiting for it will result in never writing at all. So I guess we will simply have to have a random post blog till I get some quality time.

- Took a leave today. I was feeling very exhausted and tired and depressed. The days I feel depressed in work seems to be more than the days I feel happy. Anyhow the only way I know how to counter this feeling is by cleaning. I did not want to lie down. I have seen that lying down only exhausts me further. I really want to go to office tomorrow rejuvenated. I spent about 2 hours cleaning our room. But somehow I was not at all satisfied and was wondering why. After a bit of pondering I realized I feel as if I have cleaned only when I remove boxes from the house ....literally. I have packed three boxes of clothes since 6 months. Have not given it to Goonj. Hopefully I will do it this week end.

-Hubby has bought a second hand book through amazon. He became quite amused when he realized that it had come all the way from Kerala. And While I was typing I realized that my spelling and grammar had become abysmal. So I have decided to make the corrections in spelling manually. Hopefully it will undo the damage done by blindly using spell prompts. As far as grammar is concerned, I will do it in the next stage.

-Roses have bloomed in our garden and its looking really pretty. Ain't it pretty?

 Doing things for Aman are obviously easy for me however there was one thing which was a bit hard. Normally when I feel blue I just buy some cosmos and keep them in the vase. I feel very happy when I see them. I used to have flowers on my study table when I was at my parents. However once Aman was born and after two three times we realized that every time we had those flowers Aman got into a coughing spell. Maybe it was some kind of an allergy. So I stopped keeping flowers in vases. It's been  2 -2.5years now and I wondered if I could start having flowers inside the house once again.  I wondered if I should try some other flowers like lilies or some ornamental flowers even though cosmos are my favorite. However today while I was watering the plants, I suddenly got an idea that I could just keep a bunch of mustard flowers. Aman had not had any allergic reaction to them till now so I am hoping it will be ok. It is a happy flower. The  yellow is a very happy yellow.

-We also harvested our first batch of radishes this weekend and it felt so awesome to eat it. Don't they look fresh? Have planted the tomato saplings. I have planted some seeds for okra, beans, capsicums and red spinach. Lets see how they all turn out. Keeping my fingers crossed. I went through some composting videos and got inspired. But I did not go through the exact procedure. Just put some vegetable waste in a pot like I normally do. Once its a bit dry, I will just add some soil on top.It normally works well for me. It may not have the texture of compost but acts as a good nutrient booster. Maybe I will add some dry leaves as well this time.

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