Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Dish of dashes

- SIL sent a pic with a cute little child hugging a fish(out of water) with lots of love with the caption "Otherwise it would have drowned". Sarcasm overloaded. I found it tremendously funny because it reminded me of something else. I wonder if the simile hit her or not. I am not going to ask. Second (future) SIL has not contacted me at all.hmmmm. Well different people are different. Anyhow I am happy SIL whatzapps me. I am really bad in certain things
-Today Aman was supposed to take his tricycle to school. We had not seen that note. Children feel very bad when this happens and I know Aman felt too. However we told Aman that we would bring his cycle after leaving him at school before going to office. And his first response was "But amma or achchi late ho gajaya". Swoon!!!!!. I was so floored by his consideration. Obviously we said his cycle was more important than our being late. But I was so happy.
- I was going to type that it was not a good day but I think it was. So I wont write that. Today I could share my knowledge on what I know abut designing the deck slab using IRC code with a collegue. Thats the only aspect of my job that I like now and the fact that some money gets deposited every month which makes my life easier.
I don't think I will ever get much money made simply because I think everything needs respect. Unless you desperately need something you will not get it. If somebody tells you " I am happy you are my friend and that you call everyday, but I have the same lukewarm feeling I have for that other friend who calls me once a month" tell me, would you still feel like calling this person every day? 

 NO. you wouldn't. 

I think everything in this world follows the same principle. I don't think I will ever get rich or as successful in job as some people because these things are not the primary goal of my life. The primary goal of my life is to spend time with the people I love, to read some books, to do a bit of gardening, eat well and so on... I love to succeed, But I won't stay in office till 10 in the night everyday. I simply won't. And obliviously that will reflect in my paycheck. I don't believe in an utopian career world where people can go beyond these aspects of doing the job and judge you fairly by the amount of work you do. Unfortunately I don't anymore.
- Some of the fan fictions are really good. I am reading another Scorose one. This is more of the general category, at least till now. There is so explicit explanations on how they are doing it. (Frankly speaking it simply does not feel right in these books. OK I am a prude). So I am enjoying reading it. However there is one small problem. Every time I put down my phone for some reason and I come back I start searching for the book I was reading and then realize , hey I was reading it from my phone!!!!!!

And one more thing..... A book never says "Battery finished...Power Off".  I will always be a loyal Book(er)?
- So My son is sleeping and he has not had dinner . Hubby has made a sandwich. When Aman wakes up we will give him .Hopefully he will eat it and fall asleep once again. My sweetheart is such a cute handsome little boy. My older sweetheart is a handsome one too :). Going to sleep now tata....



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