101 Things to do in 1001 days!!!

I recently stumbled upon this idea in Marcy's blog when I was searching for something.I found this quite interesting. The idea of doing 101 things with in 2-2.5 years.I Google 'd on this and found that this project was also called "Day Zero Project" and many were involved. In fact I found it so interesting that I decided to make my own list of 101 things.Starting today on 25/06/2011 till 22/03/2014...Whether I have the commitment to stay with something for this long a  period is yet to be seen.

Colour Code

Green - Completed.
Orange - In Progress.
Red - Failed.
Black- Not yet started.

1. Finish this list.(Completed on 8/07/2011)

2. Donate Blood.

3.Get an Organ Donation Card.

4.Read 10 Autobiographies/Biographies(0/10).

6.See a shooting star.
7.Go for all the Heritage Walks organised by INTACH delhi chapter.(Except Mehrauli walk)(1 2, 3/4).

8.Go for a Moon walk organised by Let's Walk Gurgaon.

9.Review a book every month.(1/33)

10.Make Dosa Batter.(26.07.2011)

11. Make Appam Batter.

12. Try 50  recipes I have not tried before.(11/50)

13.Get a pedicure again.

14.To have an addition to the family.

15.Move to South India.

16.Design a Building (min 3 storey).

17.Make a playlist of 101 fav. songs.

18.Spend a day and night in a house boat.

19.Fast for a day in Ramzan.

20.Have a "fruits only for food" day.

22.Read the Quran once(The Arabic one).

23.Learn one of the language - Sanskrit/Arabic/Telugu.

24.Go for atleast 6 classes of yoga.

25.Learn to play the Guitar.

27.Visit a Gurudwara.(Done 11/11/2011)

28.Do exercise for 21 consecutive days.

29.Write a letter to Paulo Ceolho.

30.Visit at least three museums in New Delhi.(0/3).

31.Send a story to Women's Era Magazine.

32.Write the paper on my thesis and send to my thesis guide.

33.Buy a small sewing machine.A tiny one will do.(done)

34.Learn to sing 25 Bollywood songs.

35.Two Glass paintings.

36.Get up at 6.00am for 21 consecutive days.

37.Make a list of friend's birthdays and call all of them from July 2011 to July 2012.

38.Curl my hair.

39.Learn a poem by heart.(24/48)

40.Finish the bead work in my red top.

41.Get printed photos of family Framed.

42. See 25 Disney Animated Movies I have not seen yet.(12/25)

43. Do Five Full Design Problems on Paper.(0/5)

44.Attend an English Grammer / Writing Course.

45.Link one post to a social networking website.(Completed on 29.06.2011)

46.Make one of the ready made Crochet Thing.

47.Go on a Panickars Travel trip.

48.Go Boating on canoe.

49.Make a patchwork Quilt.

50.Get 100 blog visitors on any one day.(Did on 29.06.2011)

51.Buy/Get a two wheeler.

52.TRY to ride hubby's motorbike(min trials -3 ).

53.Bake a cake.(Done on 31.12.2011)

54.Won't use the laptop/computer for 1 day.(1.1.2012)

55.Make Fish Pickle.

56.Make koozhu vadavam .(Recipe from Kamala's corner.)

57.Find 25 blogs to follow (2/25)

58.Visit a Zoo.

59.Visit a National Park.

60.Update my Resume.

61.Wear saree once again.

62.Host an Onam Sadhya(Feast).(Done if it is applicable even if my hubby was the only guest)

63.Hang a Star for Christmas.(Done Christmas 2011)

64.Hang Colourful lights for Diwali.(Done Diwali 2011)

64 Make Mutton Biryani for Ramzan.

65.Write 5 handwritten letters.

66.Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg)

67.Jog 1 km comfortably.

68.Write Housework routines for 31 days and follow them.

69.Follow a beauty routine for 21 days.

70.Make a list of the movies we have in DVD's

71. Make a list of Books we have.

72.Won't get angry with anyone or anything for one day.

73.Do a "ART ATTACK" Project.

74.Do all my hubby's chores for one day.

75.Block all the sim cards I am not using now.

76.Do not complain about anyone / anything for 1 day.

77.Do not complain about anyone / anything for 2 day.

78.Do not complain about anyone / anything for 3 day.

79.Pray for 21 consecutive days.

80.Write Diary for 7 consecutive days.

81.Buy/Make a telescope.

82.Talk to one neighbour to whom I have never talked before.

83.Become a part of a non profit organisation.

84.Follow a grand slam.

85.Apply Henna to my hair again.

86. Invest some money in something.

87.Start a Consultancy.

88.Write a letter to father.

89.Write a "Moments I love you more" list for hubby

90.Do some gift check thing for Nieces and Nephew.

91.See a puppet play.

92.Get all photos of NIT trichy from friends.

93.Become able to Wear my Black Lee jeans once again.(atleast)

94.Get both my Ammas some piece of jewellery.

95.Walk to office for  a week (i.e. 5 days)

96.Buy a Fountain Pen.


98.Identify 20 constallations.

99.Write "admiration letter" to 5 people i am not related to. (0/5).

100.Take one Dancing Class

101.Inspire someone to make a 101 list.


  1. I'm also working on the 101 list and I wish you all the best!!

  2. Congratulations with finishing your list! Good luck with it.

  3. Dear....Its really interesting...u hav inspired me to make a list of my own ...so u u have achieved one more point (101, inspire some one to make 101 list) but let us c how much time i need to make a list...

  4. Regarding your entry 70, my advise would be to get a hard drive as early as possible and transfer them at the earliest. I have around 400-500 DVDs and quite a few of the older ones which i burned arnd 4-5 yrs back are not reading. Some of them contain irreplaceable data.. so bought a 1TB HDD and thts my archive now..

  5. @ Aravind..

    my hubby has been telling that to me for sometime now.Will do it :)

  6. Glad to see there are no reds yet... :-D all the best!!!!

  7. :) Thanks .Actually i have not concentrated much in this page.

  8. How far along are you on this now?? Read this again and found Panickar's travel trip on it.. Why!!!

    1. Not really that far actually. Have really slacked for some months. Panickers travel because, we are really not that good travelers. If we sign up, they will take us and go na. Athuthan idea.

  9. I really liked the simplicity with which you have been writing this blog!!keep up the good work!!


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