I am basically a Tamilian brought up in Kerala,born in Karnataka , living in Haryana and I look like a North Indian where as my heart belongs to the southernmost part of my country.Never being comfortable in a group/gang based on state/religion/cool genre i am better in one on one dealings with people which has led me to have a lot of close friends.I have been fortunate enough to have friends with the same value system as mine and have been even more fortunate to find love in my best friend.I have my Ideals and By god's grace have had the courage to Live them ....as yet.I am a theist, Atheist , realist, and dreamer all at the same time. And this blog is a record of the world as I see it.

...the posts

A long time ago one of my good friends remarked that I was either an Angel or the biggest fraud she had ever met. Well chances are that you will see that contradiction in my posts as well. I write about anything and everything that touches my heart and goes through my mind. The categories I normally write are about my life near the capital city of India, the lessons I have learnt, random thoughts that enter my head, books I have read, movies I have seen, Response to interesting Prompts...

...the Comments

Like any blogger , I would also love to know your thoughts on whatever I write about. Or maybe you have additional thoughts you would like to add which is relevant to the topic being written about. Please feel free to do so within the limits of common courtesy. I suck at debates as I am someone who can normally see both sides of the coin so arguing with me is a waste of time. You will win. Anyhow I rarely write controversial stuff.

...Purpose of the blog.

To share....and  because I love to write and in this process maybe some one somewhere will be helped in someway the way many bloggers have helped me unconsciously. Sometimes we just want to know that there are others like us. That's all

Have Fun Browsing and have a great day :)


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