Recipes Tried
(Disclaimer: some of the photos may have dates of long long time ago.It got set into the camera and i have no idea how to remove it.)
1.Kinnathappam ( A steam pudding made of rice ,coconut milk and egg)
(Disclaimer :  Never intended for the kinnathappam to imitate a ....i don't even know what this looks like)

The kinnathappam recipe  I was supposed to follow went something like this

Soak rice for 4-5 hours.Grind to a watery paste using coconut milk.Add sugar and a pinch of salt.Then add a egg( 1 egg for 1 cup of rice).Beat it .and then pour into a hot non stick pan and allow it to cool.
(yea did  not ask for proper measures.)Just went through pure instincts.Well here is what I learnt.However good a cook you are follow the recipe when you are doing something  for the first time.And just because one can still eat the dish doessot mean it IS the dish.

My first attempt at making a kinnattappam was a disaster as far as looks were concerned,though it passed as with respect to the taste.But then what could be expected....Didnot follow the recipe at all...

2. Naichor (Ghee Rice)

Came out really good if i may say so myself.

3.Medu Vada
I think i need to rename this page as what not to do with the recipies, anyhow as all the recipies are first times for me obivously i will have some mishap or so.In this case the lesson was make your meduvada as soon as the batter is made.Didnot get the shape so made it like a bonda.Still tasted great...


gaggery became a little more so looks like dark chocolate...but ok for my first try.....Had always wanted to make this.Apparently it is supposed to be equal to 101 curries....

5.Pazham Puri - A sweet dish of ripe 'Etakkai' banana with a sweet flour covering.
 Though the Pazham Puri was rarely made at my home, this is one sweet dish of Kerala that i really love. We used to buy one Pazhampuri in college for 2 rupess(before 7 years) and man! was it tasty.However nothing beats the taste of pazham puri when made at home. And the procedure is so simple that i didnot make any mistake so i cant write about it.Normally made in with long slices of Etakkai banana(cut vertically) i prefer to cut them into smaller round ones.Not only are they easy to cut but form the perfect size to pop one into the mouth.

6.Palak Thoran

I got the recipie from the internet and used garlic for the first time in a thoran.As usual i just followed the procedure i felt to be right :) And as usual i did learn something from the incident. Never put salt at first itself.The amount of palak is deceiving. The palak i cut and put in the stove covered my whole pan so i thought it will require more salt....apparently the palak shrinks to more than one fourth of its original size.I should have remembered but somehow it didnot come to my mid.So my palak thoran ended up a little to the salty side...However mixed with boiled rice it tasted real good.Hence i do count it as a success.

7.Chicken Chettinad
I wanted to try different varieties of chicken dishes because i was plain tired of making the normal chicken curry with the only variants as curd,coconut milk or not.I had got this recipe from the net( I dont have the source but i will keep a record of the sources from the next recipe).Came out really really tasty.

8.Kothu Parotta
Though kothu parotta is not one of my fav., i was looking for a recipe which involved using leftover chappathi's when i got this recipe from prema's blog.Was a great relief to me as i hate to waste food.This seemed like a good option.I made only one difference, i added egg too as i have seen that it was alwasy there in the ones my friends use to have.And if there's an option of egg then definitly it will be there in any dish i make.i read through priya's recipe to get the step.

9.Bindi Masala
 I wanted something for chappathi which did not have anything to do with potato. I went to pachakam .com and got this recipe. I did not follow it exactly but was definitely inspired by it.It came out really tasty.My hubby does not normally prefer Lady's finger but this, he liked.

10.Prawn Curry in Coconut milk.
 Awesome Awesome Awesome.I got the recipe for prawn roast/curry from Maria' instructions were explicit though i didnot know that we were supposed to devein the prawns(Came accidently to it when i wanted to know how long prawns take to cook. What would we do without google?!!!).Excellent,though for people who dont prefer much spicy food I recommend half the amount of chilli powder. 

11.Prawn Fry
I love every fry item So obviously I made prawn fry too along with the roast. Normally it wouldnt have a place in "new" recipies, but the effort and procedure for this was a little different so I decided that, it warrants a place here. Again Awesome!!!
Recipie: Well, just marinated with salt, chillie powder and turmeric powder.Then when we called my MIL, she asked if we had added ginger garlic paste which I had not (it is my first time). So I did the next best thing; fried onions, ginger and garlic in the same oil and tossed in the fried prawns and voila......This was the result.Onions are wonderful for a fry , are they not?  I wonder if I will ever have a normal fried chicken /prawns anymore.

12.Dahi Keema
  Got this recipe from sanjeev kapoor's recipe.It came out well, but  it did not look like a chicken dish. hubby doesnot like the feel of keema. So it was a flop actually. But the next day ,taking the suggestion from my husband, i fried some Onions with the usual masalas,Mixed with this preparation and then made sandwiches. Now that was a huge Sucess.

13. Palak Parantha
Hubby was asked to have more green vegetables in his diet. So we bought palak and i tried making palak parantha . I cut the palak finely, and then boiled it a little in water and then used the water to make dough. It came really tasty. Just this and curd made an awesome breakfast and so easy that too. I am liking the concept of paranthas now. Hubby says I have got the hang of making paranthas now. Great Huh?

PS: Made dal parantha too. But procedure is almost the same. If you have seen one parantha you have seen all parantha kinda thing though taste is so awesome. Eating chappathis is going to be slightly difficult.

14. Mutton Biryani.
Made mutton biryani amma style and it was awesome. I was in Biryani heaven. Hubby atlast knew why we used to sleep after Eid Lunch.It is by far the easiest recipe for biryani that I have read. And the fact that it came wonderful in the first trial was so great. If anyone wants the recipe, wait till I post in and then I will paste the link here.

15. Chicken Roast
This is an awesome recipe. You might wonder why I experiment mostly with non - veg. Hubby loves non -veg, so obviously I try them out. He really loved it. I got the recipe from salt and spice. But yes, it is a bit to the spicier side. I have found that Kerala recipes always are.

16. Mutton Kozhambu
I got this recipe from Sumi's kitchen. It came our really good. Only after i had it with idiyappam did I realize how much I missed mutton. The next day when we re-heated it and the aroma came, I swear for one moment I was transported to my native place Puliangudi. I am so glad that God has given me the capability to recreate good food, if I have the recipe .i.e ;)

17. Vegetable Biryani
Like I have said earlier,hubby is a confirmed non - vegetarian. Infact he wanted me to put chicken pieces in vegetable biryani. His reasoning was if you can put vegetables in chicken biryani and call it chicken biryani then why cannot you put chicken in vegetable biryani and still call it vegetable biryani. :O!!!!!!!

Obviously I did not agree with his reasoning...

I wanted some vegetarian recipe's as well as he has purely vegetarian friends and it is difficult for me when both type of his friends come home. I got this recipe from the internet, well i get most of my recipe's from the internet. It came out really good.

18.Mattar Paneer (Peas with Paneer)
Now my dears, this is a recipe to try. This is the most awesome vegetarian side dish I have had. I got this from Show me the curry. This recipe is definitely a keeper and I did not even have one of the main ingredients. Still, even my hubby who does not like paneer or peas could not stop eating.

19.Mackeral Fry
This is the first major disaster in my kitchen. The first ever dish which I threw in to the dustbin after tasting and decided NEVER, NEVER again will Rahmath buy this fish again. Don't want to talk about it. :'(

20/21 Puliyodhara and Thenga Chammandi

Puliyodhara or tamarind rice is a pure tamilian dish , if i am not wrong. This was the travel dish. Every time we traveled in train Amma used to pack it with tenga chammandi. (Coconut). It's a comfort food. Amma gave me the recipe for Puliyodhara and I got the recipe of Tenga Chammandi from Maria's Menu. Puliyodhara came out well but a bit dry as I was afraid to use more quantity of the tamarind concentrate you mix with the rice. I also used Basmati Rice. I think normal rice would have been better. But still, it was quite tasty. Hubby loved it more than me.He polished out the vessel.  But then he had never had my Mom's Puliyodhara. Thenga Chammandi came out awesome. I couldnot stop eating it. The photo is not a very good one. I was too hungry to have the patience to take one or give my hubby time to take a better one.

22. Whole made Wheat Pasta.

Got this recipe from Marcy's Blog. Was excited to make the Pasta and it came out really good. Though I did not have all the ingredients for the sauce and just made up my own with the original as a base. I can make Pasta at home now......

23. Meen Kolumb/ Meen Pollichathu

Making fish items has never been one of my strong points (excluding prawn). But this time when i went home, i made this under the guidance of my mom. And it was pretty tasty. I lost the recipie but will post it when I find it. Unfortunately, I could not take any photo.

24.Maasi Kolumb

Everyone has some special food which their mom cooks and which is their favorite. Something which always is made when one is feeling blue and mom wants to cheer you up or when you have come back home from college. Well Maasi Kolumb and Idiyappam is  that one for me. My mom gave me the recipe but you can find more info from this page which looks similar to the recipe I know.. Again no photo sorry. Rahmath is getting lazy :)

25. Mutton Chutta Curry

It's a dry side dish and very very easy preparation. Rice and this is the perfect perfect combination. Total Comfort food. Got the recipe from Mom.Just marinate 250gm mutton cubes with salt(1tsp), pepper(1/2), jeera powder(1/2tsp), chilli powder (1/2 tsp), turmeric powder (1/4tsp),ginger garlic paste(1 tsp) , oil  and pressure cook with water 20min. If water remains, dry it off in the stove. Finished

26. Kappa Biryani ( Tapioca Biryani)

Normally this is made with beef but I made it with mutton as beef is not available in this state legally (I think). Got the recipe from Maria's Menu. I had a slight accident in the kitchen actually. I left the mutton too long in the cooker and well, it got burnt. BUT, my MIL had taught me a way to salvage the good stuff without the burnt smell - just pop the burnt area on a water bath. After sometime the smell disappears. So i did that, and made the dish and what do you know. Came really well. So success after all.

27. Tomato Soup

29. Mutton Soup

30. Vegetable Soup.

31. Parippu Vada

32. French Toast with blueberries


33. Vegetable Kurma

34. Poached Eggs