Tribute to Childhood

One day when I was extremly content my situation, I began thinking of things I don't miss from my childhood and then about things that I miss from my childhood. It made me wonder what my friends felt about their childhood. What did they  miss most, from their childhood?  So I asked them and they replied.  It took me back to different instances of my own childhood which were begining to fade with time.

Hence, I present to you the responses for the prompt " 5 things you miss about your Childhood". It's purely cut and paste with no modifications of any kind from my side.

If anybody wants to add their 5, then please drop in a comment. I will add the same in this page with your link (if you have any i.e)

The first one to respond and my personal Favourite.

1. Vishnu

" i miss a lot of things.... But will note down one here. My dad used to take me for a small ride in his scooter everyday when he is back from office. I used to enjoy that a lot. Standing in the front enjoying the wind against my face..... No words to explain the feeling... Will never get it again. Whenever I see small kids I remember those good old days..."

2. Kala J Prasad

1.St Shantal LPS , my school where i studied from KG to 4th
2.Playing n Field near my house
3.Writing down lyrics of movie songs in dairy and singing that n my kalaragam during Load Shedding in night
4.My Favorite programs in Doordarshan -Surabhi,Aliflaila,Chandrakanta etc etc etc
5.Fighting with my brother

3.Ashwin Raju

Playing in the rain.
Sitting on walls.
Looking ahead to college.
Cycling to school.
Life and it's simplicity

4.Ravi Kiran

1) My secret experiments lab at home
2) Teasing teachers, class girls and class toppers from last benches
3) bunking tuition classes to watch cricket matches
4) being kicked out of classes for being extremely naughty
5) poems, drawings, dragons and anacondas in dreams, mom with a stick, dad being called to school every now and then for my mischievous acts etc etc...I can write a book

5.Abhilash Lekshmanan


1, onam holydays
2, Xmas holydays
3, summer holydays
4, two dys of pooja holydays
5, all other holydays

6.Sabira Mohammed

childhooddd...mmmm...wat i miss most is the innocence and simplicity....though u had few choices back then in almost t chocolates(remember the red and blue caramilk and Lacto king, and that flat chocolate we used to get fr 1 rupee wen we retrned frm our tuition class,wat was it name??!) or the tv channels ..we had just Doordarshan..but it was more than enuff back then....wth so many superb programmes...Surabhi, Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Chandrakantha..:),,..and the Sunday evng movie that evrybdy used to wait impatiently fr.....Now wth so many channels to choose from its just flicking, flicking and flickng and ultimately end up cmplaining therez nthng nice to watch nd wud switch t off!!!!!

then there are the fun games we used to hav ...u remmbr na ?? so no need to name it all and let others laugh their guts out!!!;) :)) ..nd i miss the time wen we used to get onto the terrace to show each oder our new dresses on EID...:) ... The doll parties we used to have:)) ..... And Rahmi ...i evn miss the silly fights we used to have ...AND more importantly the loooonnng letters we used to wrte to solve t !!!:)) :)) :)) ...ohhh...the gud old times .......wen we had no wrries ..ya, other than exams and marks !!!!:)

7. Sajith Jalaludeen

1. Waiting to grow up
2. Waiting to get into college
3. Waiting fr geitting a job
4. Not having to cook/earn the food to eat it
5.not knowing who i am :

8. Raghvendra Navatake

  Being Child [ If I do something wrong, they used to forgive me]
  Asking money to dad
  Pampering from elders
  Playing cricket on holidays & in vacations
  Playing holi at home and with friends
  The food my Mom used to make after playing holi

9. Sreekanth

1) Catch dragon flies (those with crimson tails) and make him pick stones

2) sit looking into the large innocent eyes of a calf ( i had in our neighbourhood) for hours on end.

3) when 'idavappathi' pours down outside the windows, I used to creat imaginary worlds beneat my blanket, lying close to the open window with the winds spraying the rain on to me.

4) walk on the bunds and enjoy the smell of mud when the paddy fields are ploughed by the bullocks

5) walk to the school on June 1 amidst heavy rain with your new slippers splashing muddy water on to your new knickers..

10. Meenu Mohan

1. stories of 1000 kings by grandma                     
2. playing in the muddy fields and discussing 'international affairs' with grandfather.
3. jumping fences in search of the ball which always go missing
4. climbing trees; swinging from the gate
5. Onam, sadya, pookalam, onakodi, puli kali

11. Divya B Mathew

   . Innocence
   . Vacation ( Onam, Christmas and Summer )
   . Playing games like sat, hide and seek
   .Small fights with brother
   . My collections like stamp, bangle bits etc.

12. Salma Fazil
1) playing with my cousins during vacation visit to tvm .
2) fighting with my sister
3) running by hearing my father's scooter horn and acting as studying
4) sleeping by tightly holding my mothers saree
5) tirunelveli halwa


13. Marcy L 

                    "Just a few spring to mind for me. I miss Saturday morning cartoons. There were only a few channels when I was a kid, and on Saturday mornings the only thing for kids to watch were cartoons. My brothers and I would all watch together. Nowadays, there are so many entertainment choices for kids that they are all doing their own thing apart.

                     I don't miss having to ask to go to the bathroom. I was so shy in school, and I would be embarrassed to have to ask. I don't miss walking into the school cafeteria and fearfully looking around for someone to sit with, worrying that I wouldn't find anyone in time and everyone would notice that I had no one to sit with!"

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  1. Cant tell u how much this meant to me :) Just revisited my list and added(moshanam from above list) some more :)

    jumping fences in search of the ball which always go missing....ALWAYS.....
    My treasures too OMG cant believe been such a loong time...:(:( my vellarankallukal,coins,golli,wrapers,stickers,snail shells...
    Getting drenched in rain and not having any tears to be hidden by the rain :)
    Sitting on walls with absolutely no worries no plans no decisions ...
    Not being crowded by choices in clothes....
    Butterflies,draggon flies (this is straight from my kindergarten )
    Play Time... :D


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